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The Importance of Setting in The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Gilman

The Importance of Setting in The Yellow Wall-Paper by Charlotte Gilman In the short story "The Yellow Wall-Paper," by Charlotte Gilman, the setting contributes to the narrator's insanity.   When she first sees the house, she loves it.   She thinks the house will be a perfect place to recover from her "nervous condition," but that does not happen because her husband confines her to the bedroom so that her health will improve.   The narrator's mental illness deteriorates to the point of insanity due to her isolation in the bedroom, with only the yellow wallpaper to look at that she considers "repellent, almost revolting; a smoldering unclean yellow,strangely faded by the slow-turning sunlight" (106).   At the beginning of the story, the narrator is moving into a house that she is renting while her house in being renovated.   She describes the house as "The most beautiful place!   It is quite alone, standing well back from the road, quite three miles from the village.   It makes me think of English places that you read about, for there are hedges and walls and gates that lock, and lots of separate little houses for the gardeners and people" (105).   This quote reflects that she considers this house as a place only the noble could live in.   She has only read about homes like this, and she never thought that she would be living in one.   She seems happy that she will be able to rent such a house.   She adds that "There is a delicious garden!   I never saw such a garden--large and shady, full of box-bordered paths, and lined with long grape-covered arbors with seats under them" (105).   This adds to the elegant and royal qualities that the narrator believes the house has. In the middle portion of the story, the narrator's description ... ... The narrator, already suffering from a "nervous condition," is forced to stay in her bedroom for most of the story.   Her husband does not let her do anything that may take the least bit of energy because she needs to concentrate her energy on getting well.   Her mental condition quickly deteriorates from the original   "nervous condition" to complete insanity due to this isolation.   As the narrator begins to see figures behind the wallpaper, the reader realizes that the wallpaper is a manifestation of her condition. Work Cited Gilman, Charlotte.   "The Yellow Wall-Paper."   Literature and the Writing Process.   Eds. Elizabeth McMahan, Susan X Day, and Robert Funk.   4th ed.  Upper Saddle River: Prentice, 1996.   105-115. Wagner-Martin, Linda. "The Yellow Wallpaper." Reference Guide to Short Fiction. Ed. Noelle Watson. Detroit: St. James Press, 1994. 981- 982.

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Soft Skill

Soft Skills That Is Important For University Students. Introduction. â€Å"Soft skills refer to the cluster of personality traits social graces, facility with language, personal habit, friendliness and optimism that mark people to verifying degrees. Soft skills complement hard skills, which are the requirement of job† (Wikipedia, 2007). Communicating, conflict management, human relations, making presentations, negotiating, team building and other such ability defined in terms of expected outcomes and not as a specific method or technique such as statistical analysis.Soft skills have its own dimension and it is based on one`s perceptual attitude. Mostly how he or she shows interest in things around him or her and reacts to that. No premature thoughts should occupy the mind and it should be flow freely from the cognitive reactions. This is a given from God. Course on human relations and dealing effectively with subordinate’s are often included. The soft skills might inclu de maintain eye contact when speaking with the people. Soft skills can`t really be taught as a course on its own. One picks up leaderships qualities.Soft skills have more to do with who we are than what we know. As such, soft skills encompass the character traits that decide how well one interacts with others, and are usually a definite part of one's personality. Whereas hard skills can be learned and perfected over time, soft skills are more difficult to acquire and change. Soft skills often relates to the abilities such as communication, team work and leadership skill. What I would typically include as parts of the soft skills package include good manners as well as a positive and pleasant disposition.Many students, who are not aware of the importance of leadership skills in his career, would prefer to be the â€Å"followers† when getting involved in co-curricular activities both in and out of school. Some are natural leaders, some are not, and they don`t know â€Å"the ho w†, perhaps â€Å"lacks of confidence† to lead, or could be due to â€Å"lack of interests† in giving ideas and brainstorming activities. However, if the students must do a practical assignment that will determine his marks, that will also test his leaderships, human interaction skills, then the students will be more â€Å"alert† of the importance of â€Å"soft skills†.Soft skills can be taught and learnt as well. However, at the end of the day it is the student who decides whether he/she will practice what was preached. The lack of soft skills in student in Malaysia is due to a combination of factors. What is more difficult is some of these factors are bigger for some students. It does start with our education system that make pitiful attempt to address the issue. What is difficult about soft skills is that it developing it work differently for different people and hence a mas-education system is ill-suited to address the worst of the problem.Examp le of the soft skills that’s important for university student. There are three examples of the soft skills: 1. Communication skills The first important soft skills is, good in communication skills. Effective of communication skills can be some of the most important skills we can learn. Communication is involvers both listening and speaking. The person in a good communication must have an open mind and idea to make people like to easy to understand. Influence a negotiating skill.Good negotiating skills are inherent these skills must be learned and practice in a verity situation. Listen carefully to the arguments and clarify the issue and also plan for the alternative outcome. Good communication skills. Good communication skills are having effective communication and communication will certainly increase the opportunities to find in a university. The communication skills may include body language. Do not shy away from the person whom you are speaking.Be sure to maintain a relax ed, but not slouching posture, regardless whether you are on speaking or listening. Make an eye contact and be aware what your body is saying. Body language can says so much more than a mouthful of words, and open stance with arm relaxed at your sides tells everyone around you that you are approachable and open to hear what they have to say. Communication is successful only when both the sender and receiver understand the same information. â€Å"Good communication skills are what separate the distinguished, from the good, from the indifferent teacher.The distinguished teacher delivers the message with enthusiasm, ensures that it is understood, and has it remembered; the good teacher delivers the message with enthusiasm and ensures that it is understood; while the indifferent teacher merely delivers the message† (Zemke R, Raines C, Filipcak B, 2000) 2. Critical thinking The second important soft skills are the good critical thinking. For the university student, it`s required e vidence and follow the evidence leads. Critical thinking is more concern with finding and explanation that being apparent confusion and asking question. It also makes people understand logical connection.Critical thinking should not be confused with being argument. â€Å"This research has direct implications for undergraduates and curriculum builders in tertiary education. The study sets out to discover respondents’ perceptions of their own abilities in critical thinking strategies and their perceptions on the importance of these strategies in their future employments† (Shah, N. Z. 2007). 3. Good listening skills The third important in soft skills is good listening skills. When you are really listening, you demonstrate your interest in what being said and you show your respect for the individual saying it.Leaderships skills. Leader want teams to get better, but often don`t set specific goal annual improvement. Listening is an essential part of communication and it is d ifferent from hearing. Being a good and patient listener helps not only solve many problems at university or home, but also to see the world through the eyes of others, thereby opening understanding and enhancing the capacity for empathy. How to be a good listener? Place yourself in the other person`s shoes. It is often too easy to wonder about how what the other persons is telling you is impacting you. Active listening is not about inward thinking.Instead you must look at the problem from the other person`s perspective and effectively try to see his or her point of view. Stop talking and try to be silent. Likewise, many think that empathy means sharing with the listener similar experiences that the listener has had. Both can be helpful, put a side your own needs and went for the other person to talk at their own pace. Remove distractions. Good listener means willing to turn off the television, close the door or stop reading the mail. Give the speaker your full attention and let the m know they are getting your full attention.Give no sign you are ready to respond during conversation, wait 2 seconds after the person finish speaking to make sure they have finished their thought. Watch your own emotions. If what they are saying creates an emotional response in you, be extra carefully, with attention to the intent and full meaning of their words. Make a comments, answered questions. When their stop or pauses, you can be a good listener by making comments. When people are angry, they usually want to be heard and understood. What they don`t want in return in critism, patronizing comment, denial of their feelings or attacks on their position or personality.One of the reasons why some university are not well in good listener is because they do not listen. Listening skills start with paying attention. Not interested to hear other people problems. People who just keep on blabbing or practice take listening are thinking I’m smarter then you and I know what you`re g oing to tell me, so let make this really efficient for both of them. I won`t have to listen and we can get to really important part of the conversation, that`s why some student are become a bad listener. â€Å"This study aimed to assess whether effective listening was associated with leadership emergence in a small group situation.Findings showed that these two attributes where positively related suggesting that emergent leaders may possess good listening skills† (Johnson S. D. and Belcher C. ). Why soft skill is so importance. The soft skills are importance for the university student is easy to understand the subject. A student must develop specific generic skills like reading, writing, speaking, listening and presentation positive attitude, etiquette and manners. They must learn to manage themselves understand their strengths and weakness. With the soft skill student and tutor are close and easy to communicate and take an explanation.Many fields are becoming ever increasing ly competitive. Clearing a job interview requires much more then academic and an impressive resume. Many a times we come across people who fail to make to the top in spite processing the best of technical knowledge. Soft skill are shaping human being`s personality. The people who are good in soft skills like a role model to the colleagues. They were like to share and close to this person. Soft skills are qualities like making a friend easily, being punctual or being able to both hard. Reduce gap between tutor and student.A tutor helping students to improves their soft skills. Soft skills in that sense are just technical skills. We need to practice them to keep them sharp. Demonstrate effective classroom leadership skills, communicate professionally with student and provide opportunities’ for them to improve in areas they work. It truly is a win-win for both tutor and student. Soft skill can make them to be leaderships. Being equipped with leadership skills allow you to be gro omed for bigger roles in times to come. In the present role, you could be seen as an employee with potential and be given more importance task to perform. There is persuasive evidence that cooperative teams achieve at higher levels of thought and retain information longer than students who work quietly as individuals. The shared learning gives students an opportunity to engage in discussion, take responsibility for their own learning, and thus become critical thinkers† (Totten, Sills, Digby, & Russ, 1991). Why some university students are not well equipped in soft skill. Why communication skills are not well equipped in soft skill is because some of students write well, but they are not able to express themselves orally.They are not confidence on communication in English and very limited vocabulary. While conversing in English with someone give importance to the massage and do not be occupied with grammatical accuracy. If they are much worried about grammar and pronunciations errors, they will not develop fluency kill the language without fear. Some people are comfortable speaking among themselves and do not compare with other people. No one was born with all the language skills required for effective communication. They must confident and trust themselves that they can do it. This is in fact the first and foremost primary step to being good communicator.Given here are some of the barriers that occur in communicating effectively. Understanding these barriers will help one comprehend examples of communicating skills. Some are having problems with their body language and difficult to maintain eye contact whenever you are in conversation with someone, keep the majority of your focus on the other person. If have a difficulty knowing exactly how to make eye contact, you can benefit from practicing in front of the mirror or with other person. But if eye contact and body language is been your bad habit to share intently into the eyes of people without looking a way.You have been making your conversation partners very uncomfortable. The fact is that one needs to constantly work towards developing effective communication skills. And primarily they need to overcome the barriers to effective communication. And this can be done when they are aware of the barriers and shortcomings. Critical thinking skills give students the ability to not only understand what they have read or been shown but also to build upon that knowledge without incremental guidance. Critical thinking teaches students that knowledge is fluid and builds upon itself.It is not simply rote memorization or the ability to absorb lessons unquestioningly. Critical thinking is thinking that assesses itself. To the extent that students need us to tell them how well they are doing, they are not thinking critically. Didactic instruction makes students overly dependent on the tutor. Because of the importance of self-assessment to critical thinking, it is important to bring it into the st ructural design of the course and not just leave it to episodic tactics. Virtually every day, for example, students should be giving (to other students) and receiving (from other students) feedback on the quality of their work.They should be regularly using intellectual standards in an explicit way. This should be designed into instruction as a regular feature of it. Why team working skill also not equipped in university is because conversations can be misconstrued and others in a team may slack off more than expected. Some leave things to the last minute and don't make proper use of team members when not meeting face to face. Explain their own ideas. All the group members agree on what needs to be done and by whom and able to give their own ideas by sharing with the team member.The problem will solve by helping from group discussion. Some people don’t have internet at home so can’t communicate very well when have to do assignments. Some students do not wish to coopera te and not everyone has an internet connection of the same speed and the same level of access making it not so desirable for use or collaboration on what it seems to be designed for. Teamwork is defined in Webster's New World Dictionary as â€Å"a joint action by a group of people, in which each person subordinates his or her individual interests and opinions to the unity and efficiency of the group. This does not mean that the individual is no longer important; however, it does mean that effective and efficient teamwork goes beyond individual accomplishments. The most effective teamwork is produced when all the individuals involved harmonize their contributions and work towards a common goal. Express their feeling. Good team member also have a sense of humour and know how to have fun. Listen carefully to others. There is a time and a time to listen and the time to listen come twice as often find us so concerned about what they here to say.While providing and requesting feedback is vital to team success, most avoid doing so because it feels uncomfortable or embarrassing. However, successful companies capitalize on the opportunity to examine those contributions that will make the team more effective, by creating a culture of conversation. Why some university students are not well with the teamwork skill is because some of the student is not confident by themselves and some of student impresses their self-negative feedback without being too offended to continue.Also some of the attitude of student is poor, and there are not professional in applying soft skills in their life as a student. Suggestion. I suggest that for future graduates, and government bodies is to improve their teaching about soft skills. Opinion expressed by the student indicate that the team project helps to improves their communication and negotiation skills among the student to developed soft skills based on formal and informal activities at the university level. And their also have to activ e in the seminar and conference to make the soft skills is more effective.Tutor also should show their soft skills to the student to be role model to them. I also like to purpose for university and others were most impressed by the ability of our graduates to adapt themselves to any work situation, their ability to communicate clearly, their ability to solve problems, to work in groups and to contribute effectively and meaningfully to their work situations. In addition to the knowledge gained by students in their course of study, equally important is the University’s role in producing innovators.Those with whom we consulted spoke of the greater opportunities afforded to students who have opportunities to participate in research. A connection needs to be made between work experiences, appropriate work behaviour, and student learning. Work-based learning offers young people meaningful hands-on learning opportunities by connecting classroom learning with work experience. This ki nd of learning opportunity can help a young person make better career decisions, select more appropriate courses of study, and develop job skills relevant to future employment.Conclusion. A carefully designed and well planned education system is critical to developing such human capital. Thus, institutions of higher learning play a very important role in producing human capital that is highly knowledgeable and skilful and can meet the demands and expectations of society. The teaching and learning processes in institutions of higher learning must be capable in providing such knowledge and skills to future graduates. Most university students spend half of their academic life living in university residences on campus.As such, institutions of higher learning should use this golden opportunity to develop their soft skills. And we must do all these things in collaboration with government, the community, other institutions and the world at large. The University must continue to pursue new partnerships to ensure that our students have the exposure and opportunities they need to succeed. Reference. Johnson S. D. and Belcher C. , Small Group Research, 29 (4), Pages 452-471, August 1998, IDS 108DU, ISSN 1046-4964 Shah, N. Z. (2007).Final year students’ perceptions on their critical thinking strategies and the importance of these strategies in future employment. Retrieved September 23, 2009, from http://h08. cgpublisher. com/proposals/65/index_html Totten, S. , Sills, T. , Digby, A. , & Russ, P. (1991). Cooperative learning: A guide to research. New York: Garland. Zemke R, Raines C, Filipcak B. Generations at Work: Managing the Clash of Veterans, Boomers, Xers, and Nexters in your Workplace. New York: AMACOM, 2000. http://www. ndt-ed. org/TeachingResources/ClassroomTips/Teamwork. htm

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Forced Prostitution in Southeast Asia - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 6 Words: 1713 Downloads: 8 Date added: 2017/09/12 Category Advertising Essay Tags: Prostitution Essay Did you like this example? Madison Murray History Block 1 Mr. Foulk 1 November 2009 Forced Prostitution in Southeast Asia One of the biggest issues happening today is forced prostitution in Southeast Asia. More specifically, in a country called Moldova, forced prostitution is one of the biggest issues they are personally fighting. Moldova is known for being the poorest country in Southeast Asia. Not only is it known for being the poorest country, Moldova holds the record for most children prostitutes. For this reason, people go from all over to Moldova for business in the sex slave industry. Honestly, in this world, there are three things that people worry about. Those three things are money, work and sex. In this business, people get all three. The sex slave industry gets an estimated $6-$7 billion a year. In the country where people work for less than one dollar a day, that means a world of opportunities for the people who run the sex organizations. Wanting these three things becomes a desire and people are willing to go to extreme lengths to get it. The people of Moldova turn in family and friends to turn a quick profit from them. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Forced Prostitution in Southeast Asia" essay for you Create order Personal feelings get pushed aside once faced with an opportunity to get the dream of having money. The people that turn in family and friends get promised basic human rights that we take for granite and most of the time, they never receive them. Some of the time, when people turn in their family or friends they are told that the person is going to receive an education or work. It’s a shame that people are so desperate for these opportunities that they’re willing to possibly never see their families again to get them. Once the people in control have the victim, there’s no turning back. Most of them take away the victim’s visa or passports so that even if they do escape, there’s no possible way for them to leave. This is obviously one of the biggest issues Southeast Asia is facing right now. Forced Prostitution is an issue that needs to be focused on right now. Despite the efforts of many organization, more could be done to help the hundreds of thousands of innocent people involved in this organization. Forced prostitution is something that needs to be stopped. Forced prostitution is one of the biggest problems Southeast Asia is facing right now. In Southeast Asia is a country known as Moldova. Moldova is known as the poorest country in Europe. Most of this country is unemployed and for those who are lucky to have worked have an outrageously low income of less than a dollar per day. Due to the fact that there is almost no employment in this country, some people turn to prostitution as their source of income. In some places such as Thailand, people believe that because it is illegal, â€Å"prostitution does not exist†. The sex slave industry mainly takes place underground so it is hard to identify where exactly it is located. Women in the sex trade industry are told to believe You girls must take pride in your devotion to your country. Your carnal conversations with foreign tourists do not prostitute either yourself or the nation, but express your heroic patriotism. Some of the women do prostitution as a way to get by, but most are tricked into it. The people in charge of the sex slave industry make women in desperate times believe that they will be able to get work and provide for their families. Little do these women know that that could be the last time they ever see their families. One woman by the name of Angela said, I did not want to go to work as a prostitute. I started crying and said I wanted to go back home, and I did not want to work. They told me, If you dont work, youll end up dead and buried in sand in the desert. I got scared, and I went with them. From 9 p. m. to 3 a. m. , we had to work in a disco. All day long, we were locked up in a house. When we would not have enough clients, they would beat us up and lock us up until 9. When I did not want to work, they kept me locked up for a week and beat me. I got really scared, and I tried to swallow pills to make them get me out of the house [to a hospital]. But they simply sold me in another city, (Tomiuc, 2004). When women are being tricked into thinking they are going to be getting work, especially when these women are from other countries, they get their visas and any form of identity taken away from them. Once the women follow the person in charge, they are under their control. Often, violence is used and in some cases, the women are shot or tortured. Another thing that comes with the territory of being a forced prostitute is drugs. It isn’t that the women want to take them, but at a certain point if become necessary in order for the women to work. After a working with a few different customers, the women feel it’s necessary to shoot heroine in order to get through the rest of the night. Moldova is also known for being the top exporter of forced child prostitution†. This country holds the record for highest number of traffickers who earn their money by forcing underage children in the sex slave industry. A shocking forty percent of Moldova’s sex traffickers are minors. Between 2003 and 2007 the percentage of minors involved in trafficking increased by 7%. It rose from 15% to almost 22%. Annually, an estimation of 1. million children is entering the sex trade industry, according to UNICEF. In Southeast Asia, there are many important issues. However, I believe that forced prostitution is one of the most important. When adults choose to partake in prostitution is a bad situation. However, when a child is being forced against their will to partake in it, there’s no excuse for how bad that situation is. Mo ldova holds the record for most children solicitors exported from a country. The reason that the children are being forced to be a part of it is because people pay more money for virgins. For the twisted minds of the people that pay for this, they find nothing wrong with this. The children that have to deal with forced prostitution are going to be permanently scarred for life. Or should I say that the few that make it out alive will be scarred. No one deserves to go through this and they need to be rescued. It is harder to find the sex industries because they have moved underground but with the help of organizations and the investigatory police, we can find them. The victims involved in forced prostitution are forced to use heroine in order to make it through the day. With this addiction there is a slim to none chance of survival for the children that once had dreams to make it to adulthood and leave the horrible life in Moldova. It is up to us to help these children make it. (Recession Boosts Child, 2009). There are several organizations that help with the problem of forced prostitution. One of the most commonly known organizations is called the United Nations International Childrens Emergency Fund. It is more commonly known as UNICEF. It was first founded in 1946, but in 1953 was â€Å"extended to ddress the needs of children in the developing world. † When this happened, the foundation shortened their name to United Nations Children’s Fund. The UNICEF foundation does what they do to help because they believe that children deserve a voice. UNICEF works to build a protective environment for children who have suffered from violence and abuse. Another organization for helping fight against human trafficking is Asia ACTs Against Child Trafficking. Due to this organization there have been 190 investigations of trafficking and 36 prosecuted cases. Also, there have been shelters and long-term homes set up for trafficking victims. These victims also have been offered counseling. There are several other organizations that help with the problem of human trafficking. Another one of them being The Ministry of Gender Equality and Family (MOGEF). This organization holds seminars and hung posters in public places addressing the issues of forced prostitution. Some of the other organizations include CATW which helps stop promoting sex trafficking by eliminating shows that promote it. One huge non-profit organization is Prevent Human Trafficking (PHT). Formed in 1999, their mission is to build a bridge between Southeast Asia and the United States to help stop human trafficking. All of these organizations are important, and they all need our help to get word around about how awful the sex slave industry is. (Kennedy, 2007). The issue of forced prostitution is a greater problem than most would believe. In countries such as Moldova, it is the one of the biggest problems a country faces. Other than being the poorest country in Europe, it is also country that holds the record of most child prostitutes. When a country has an average income of one hundred dollars, people start to rely on prostitution in order to get by. The people living in countries like these get tricked into believing that if they themselves follow in the sex slave industry, they will receive basic human rights that we Americans take for granted. This â€Å"guarantee† has made the people of Moldova to turn in friends, even family to make a quick buck. It really is sad that this is what countries have come down to. They are turning on their own just to get the basic necessities to live another day in a country where ninety percent of them do not even want to live there. Moldova is a place where people don’t have the opportunity to dream about futures like people in America do. Their future does not hold exciting opportunities. Being forced to prostitute in Moldova is something to be expected. This issue is important because it’s despicable how low the people of Moldova have become. Forced Prostitution is an issue that many organizations find important and are trying to help in any way that they can.

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History and Description of Transcendentalism

The term transcendentalism has sometimes been difficult for people to understand. Maybe you first learned about Transcendentalism, Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau in high school English class, but couldnt figure out what the central idea was that held all those authors and poets and philosophers together. If youre at this page because youre having difficulty, know that youre not alone. Heres what Ive learned about this subject. Transcendentalism in Context The Transcendentalists can be understood in one sense by their context—that is, by what they were rebelling against, what they saw as the current situation, and therefore as what they were trying to be different from. One way to look at the Transcendentalists is to see them as a generation of well-educated people who lived in the decades before the American Civil War and the national division that it both reflected and helped to create. These people, mostly New Englanders, mostly around Boston, were attempting to create a uniquely American body of literature. It was already decades since the Americans had won independence from England. Now, these people believed, it was time for literary independence. And so they deliberately went about creating literature, essays, novels, philosophy, poetry, and other writing that were clearly different from anything from England, France, Germany, or any other European nation. Another way to look at the Transcendentalists is to see them as a generation of people struggling to define spirituality and religion (our words, not necessarily theirs) in a way that took into account the new understandings their age made available. The new Biblical Criticism in Germany and elsewhere had been looking at the Christian and Jewish scriptures through the eyes of literary analysis and had raised questions for some about the old assumptions of religion. The Enlightenment had come to new rational conclusions about the natural world, mostly based on experimentation and logical thinking. The pendulum was swinging, and a more Romantic way of thinking—less rational, more intuitive, more in touch with the senses—was coming into vogue. Those new rational conclusions had raised important questions but were no longer enough. German philosopher Kant raised both questions and insights into the religious and philosophical thinking about reason and religion, and how one might root ethics in human experience and reason rather than divine commands. This new generation looked at the previous generations rebellions of the early 19th century Unitarians and Universalists against traditional Trinitarianism and against Calvinist predestinationarianism. This new generation decided that the revolutions had not gone far enough, and had stayed too much in the rational mode. Corpse-cold is what Emerson called the previous generation of rational religion. The spiritual hunger of the age that also gave rise to a new evangelical Christianity gave rise, in the educated centers in New England and around Boston, to an intuitive, experiential, passionate, more-than-just-rational perspective. God gave humankind the gift of intuition, the gift of insight, the gift of inspiration. Why waste such a gift? Added to all this, the scriptures of non-Western cultures were discovered in the West, translated, and published so that they were more widely available. The Harvard-educated Emerson and others began to read Hindu and Buddhist scriptures and examine their own religious assumptions against these scriptures. In their perspective, a loving God would not have led so much of humanity astray; there must be truth in these scriptures, too. Truth, if it agreed with an individuals intuition of truth, must be indeed truth. Transcendentalisms Birth and Evolution And so Transcendentalism was born. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, We will walk on our own feet; we will work with our own hands; we will speak our own minds...A nation of men will for the first time exist, because each believes himself inspired by the Divine Soul which also inspires all men. Yes, men, but women too. Most of the Transcendentalists became involved as well in social reform movements, especially anti-slavery and womens rights. (Abolitionism was the word used for the more radical branch of anti-slavery reformism; feminism was a word that was invented deliberately in France some decades later and was not, to my knowledge, found in the time of the Transcendentalists.) Why social reform, and why these issues in particular? The Transcendentalists, despite some remaining Euro-chauvinism in thinking that people with British and German backgrounds were more suited for freedom than others (see some of Theodore Parkers writings, for instance, for this sentiment), also believed that at the level of the human soul, all people had access to divine inspiration and sought and loved freedom and knowledge and truth. Thus, those institutions of society which fostered vast differences in the ability to be educated, to be self-directed, were institutions to be reformed. Women and African-descended slaves were human beings who deserved more ability to become educated, to fulfill their human potential (in a twentieth-century phrase), to be fully human. Men like Theodore Parker and Thomas Wentworth Higginson, who identified themselves as Transcendentalists, also worked for freedom of those who were enslaved  and for womens expanded rights. And, many women were active Transcendentalists. Margaret Fuller (philosopher and writer) and Elizabeth Palmer Peabody  (activist and influential bookstore owner) were at the center of the Transcendentalist movement.  Others, including novelist Louisa May Alcott and poet Emily Dickinson, were influenced by the movement.

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The Importance Of Healthy Physical And Motor Growth Essay

I do not agree with what Jamie and Paul have planned for their baby, however, it is important for a child’s physical growth development to be acknowledged, acted upon, and approached in a safe manner. There are many ways that healthy physical and motor growth, and athletic skill can be promoted for a child throughout development, from birth and on to adolescence, and during late childhood, children’s physical skills become more coordinated every day. According to childtime.com, most of them need parental involvement. Children need a specific place within or outside of the home where they have plenty of space to play physical games or do activities, that require the child to exercise their balance and reaction sills, and use plenty of mental energy, such as basketball or baseball. Parents should find ways to challenge the child, such as using elbows or other body parts to play the sport/activity they are playing, and making sure that they stretch properly before hand. Do ing so can improve the child’s ability to perform alternatives through out the game, and their resilience to bounce back afterwards. According to Life-Span Development, increased myelination of the central nervous system improves children’s fine motor skills, and it has also been proven that a higher level of physical activity is linked to a lower level of metabolic disease, which is why it is so important for families to go on activities that require physical movement, such as going to the pool and swimming,Show MoreRelatedEssay on Developments in Middle Childhood1584 Words   |  7 Pagesdevelopment of previous stages has decreased and the physical changes within this period are slower and more defined.   The refinement of gross and fine motor skills is a critical aspect of this stage as the delayed or retarded development can have significant impact on the areas of cognitive, social and emotional development.   In order to ensure children are equipped with the correct knowledge and understanding of health, well being and healthy eating, the period of middle childhood is one in whichRead MoreThe Effects Of Occupational Therapy On Early Childhood Grades Essay1656 Words   |  7 PagesThis paper focuses on the importance of occupational therapy in early childhood grades. Children begin to develop fine motor skills from birth; however, not all children develop at the typical rate. Public school provide services for children who may have developmental delays, illnesses, deformities, or injuries that have affected their ability to use their fine motor skills. Children with special needs may qualify for occupational services to develop their fine motor skills. Occupational therapyRead MoreThe Effect Of Fine And Gross Motor Skills851 Words   |  4 PagesOur children go through a series of changes during their development growth and at every stage of their young lives important milestones are achieved. Some activities as simple and trivial a s they may seem to us plays a vital role that are primarily focused on the development of fine and gross motor skills. Even when these activities can be identified by specific age groups it is important to remember that â€Å"individual differences in maturation rates, temperaments and adult and social influencesRead MorePhysical Development in Middle Childhood Essay1649 Words   |  7 PagesThe physical, cognitive and socio-emotional domains of human development are influenced by diverse factors. Phases of development extend from the beginnings of human life and continue throughout the lifespan. These developmental phases are characterised by a range of features including brain development, language development and social development amongst others. Gross motor skills include activities such as running, skipping and jumping. They involve the use of the body’s larger muscle groupsRead MoreFine Motor Skills And The Importance Of Occupational Therapy Interventions Essay1710 Words   |  7 PagesFine motor skills refer to the ‘small muscles’ in the hands. Proper development of these muscles is crucial for children to succeed academically in writing and self help skills. According to the National Childcare Accreditation Council (NCAC), â€Å"Fine motor skills form an important foundation for the acquisition of many other skills, including literacy, numeracy, self-help and the ability to perform many everyday tasks† (2008). Children start to develop motor skills from birth, and the ways in whichRead MoreLifespan Development1516 Words   |  7 Pagestransform throughout the eight major stages of life. This paper will focus on the physical, cognitive, social, moral, and personality development of individual s found in stage two, (early childhood 1-6 year olds). Through exploring, and examining the countless influences that affect their growth development. The physical growth transformations infants undergo in stage two of lifespan development range from, brain, motor, to sensory/perceptual development, and infant’s overall body height and weightRead MoreThe Impact Of Teachers, School Social Workers And On An Infant And Toddler Biological Psychological, And Social Emotional Domain1276 Words   |  6 Pagesenvironment that allows self-confidence, respect for others, and belongingness (Shulman, 1992). Introduction From early on, infants depend on others for basic physical and emotional needs. In this paper I will use newborn, child, and children interchangeably to refer to infants and toddlers. During the prenatal to early childhood interactions healthy factors like nutrition, family affection, and environmental safety influence the way the brain develops. For example, 4-6 month olds prefer to look at concreteRead MoreImportance Of Physical Education1277 Words   |  6 Pages Physical education plays a crucial role in the education of the whole student. While research supports the significance of movement in educating both the mind and body, many education institutions do not require physical education in their programs. Physical education contributes directly to the development of physical capability and fitness, while helping students make educated choices, and giving them the ability to understand the value of living an active lifestyle. A study featured in the PeabodyRead MoreChildren Are Our Pillars For Tomorrow Essay1720 Words   |  7 PagesThis information is collected mainly through the interview with Matthew’s mother. He was born as a healthy baby with no birth complications, major illness and special needs. As for sleeping routine, he sleeps around 7 hours per day. As for his meal pattern, he skips breakfast and sometimes lunch. He needs to buy lunch at school and eats the most during dinner. As for his play pattern, he has a physical education class at school once a week and plays sports with his dad during weekends. He also playsRead MoreIntegration Of Arts And The Arts798 Words   |  4 PagesIntegration of Arts Paper The incorporation of music, movement, and the arts is critical to a young child’s learning, growth and development. Each of these creative arts allow children to make meaningful connections and retain the information being taught in the classroom. It also allows for children to focus more in the classroom and it improve their behavior as well. Multiple intelligences also play a role in music, movement, and the arts. By using these creative arts in the classroom, educators

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Antigone Moral Law vs Civil Law free essay sample

When it comes to morality, what is right and wrong based on a person’s personal beliefs, the story of Antigone is a great literary reference towards the internal struggles of an individual’s morality. Antigone chose to attribute herself with moral law instead of Creon’s rash and destructive civil law. Antigone felt that no one had the right to decide another’s fate, let alone the fate of someone else’s deceased body. Antigone believed that her brother deserved a proper burial, although he fought against Thebes he still fought for what he believed in and thought was morally just. Many individuals make decisions depending on their moral standings. No one can say what is morally just or unjust besides the individual themselves that ultimately make the final decisions. The reader quickly discovers that the moral beliefs of Antigone and Creon will clash into an epic battle of courage and moral beliefs. We will write a custom essay sample on Antigone: Moral Law vs Civil Law or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Antigone devised her own agenda based on her personal standings that she felt was right. She formed a plan of action and she followed through all the way to the end. She was fully aware of the consequences and faced them with courage and passion. Antigone felt that there was injustice in the law and she could not allow her own brother to be punished in such a grotesque way. Many citizens followed behind her beliefs and motives. Even though she knew her death was inevitable she strived to achieve what she thought was just. Creon sets the standards for civil law within the story of Antigone. Creon’s decision to make it unlawful to bury the deceased body of Polynices was based solely on the fact that Polynices fought against the Thebans. In the eyes of Creon, Polynices was a traitor although Polynices was only doing what he believed was just. Polynices knew what challenges he would face and gave his life for his own moral beliefs. Each character in the story choses their own morality and each proves that what they truly believe is what is most important. Although Teiresias thoroughly informed Creon of the consequences of his actions Creon refused to listen. Creon overstepped the moral boundaries of others and suffered for his unjust actions, â€Å"you have to repay a corpse of your own†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"One body you have locked in a tomb†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"Another†¦ you have forcibly retained here on earth. † It is noted that the â€Å"Furies† will pay back Creon with his â€Å"own coin†, or life. A grand example of mortality occurred in early 300 BC when Alexander the Great overthrew the entire Persian Empire. The Persian Empire was ruled  by King Darius III. When Alexander discovered the murdered body of Darius he still provided Darius’s body with an appropriate burial. The difference between Alexander and Creon is that Alexander understands the difference between what is just and unjust. It makes it more despicable when it is made obvious that Polynices was Creon’s nephew and Creon still denied his body a proper and respectable burial as he should have received. Alexander understands morality to a great extent unlike Creon who suffers greatly for his morally unjust actions.

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Speak No Evil Essays - Arbiter, Censorship, Mister Sinister

Speak No Evil Freedom of expression, and open access to media, are as fundamental to the survival of Progress as the sun and rain are to the survival of planet Earth. Yet censorship remains a traditional response of any group that finds itself offended at another's message or creative indulgence. The argument that because they serve the public interest, media should willingly accept a moral arbiter to decide what will and what will not be disseminated is both uninformed and dangerous. The biggest problem is that nobody will have the opportunity to vote for the people charged with determining what information is left on the cutting room floor. Worse yet, certain lower life forms with an eye on world domination will always find ways to apply this primitive form of babysitting to their own sinister ends. Because the new communications paradigm calls only for media to get bigger-not better-access to media is more costly. As corporate interests pool their